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this is the end, beautiful friend

i guess this has something to do with watching thirteen days last night... it makes very little sense to me otherwise.

i was buying jeans for school that day and found out they didn't fit after i bought them. i also went to the grocery store looking for God knows what. i was late to pick up may so i ran outside to the neighbor's yard to my car. but it wasn't there. there were 20+ other white cars there to confuse me. i ran around looking for my car but never found it. instead i saw soviet carmakers and knew i had to get away. i ran in the direction of this little gas-station type store and met up with raina and a couple other people. we all needed a ride to school but we just forgot about it. we were looking around inside the store and had gone back outside when all the soviets started chasing us and attacking with swords. someone got stabbed. then it started into the next dream...


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