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first entry, let's get it over with.

today could have been better. but all the stupid crap that happens every day kinda messed it up. and for once, band wasn't the problem. we were 'learning' how to find meaningless numbers from graphs of hyperbolas, which as usual meant that the fat teacher was too lazy to get out of her chair to actually explain the problems on the board so we had to teach ourselves how to do everything from the book again. i hate that woman. then there was an hour long intruder alert because two poor black men(according to this guy who was in the office)robbed a house and were running around the neighborhood trying to elude police. one was caught in the woods behind the school while the other one obviously had the intention of hiding in our school and terrorizing the innocent children where they would be pretty much trapped... anyways, most of the day was wasted away reading crime and punishment during class and dreaming of the last day of school. i think tomorrow will be better though. i'll have the track banquet to look forward to which will be fun if not completely packed. and also, we finished that annoying learn-to-read-french book so 2nd period should be nothing but movies, crazy rantings from that strange haitian guy who happens to be our teacher, and a whole lot of chocolate cream cake.
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