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eye issues and such

This morning as I was driving back to school my eye suddenly started to hurt. Sharp pains didn't seem normal, especially paired with seeing weird spots. Convinced I had some horrible condition that might cause me to go blind, I turned around immediately and went to my eye doctor. Turns out I have dry eye syndrome(which I already knew) and something called blepharitis. Basically it means that somehow my tear ducts are kind of clogged but it can be easily fixed by a warm wet washcloth. Much better than knives and lasers.
The experience reminded me of how when I was at a girl's birthday party when I was little, I hurt her eye. I had found a needle lying in the carpet and went to her room holding it out in front of me. She opened the door, and somehow it ended up poking her in the inside corner of her eye. She ran to her parents crying. I heard later she had had to get surgery. I still wonder how I ended up doing something so stupid.
I could barely drive after they had dialated my pupils and it hurt like hell to try, so I sat around watching tv and then went to Lakeside to visit people. Mr. Devastey was excited to see and show me off to the freshmen as his favorite student ever. He said lots of things I couldn't understand and called Ben on my phone, then left. I saw Ben for about five minutes, then he left and I drove back to school.
I have a speech due tomorrow that I should probably be writing. I don't like speech class. I think the thing that bothers me may be the pointless strategies and my teacher's overuse of hand gestures. I have to teach the class how to train for or run a 5k. It should be easy enough, but I guess I'm just lazy. This entry is probably an excuse for me not to work.
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